Welcome to the new and improved Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center!

Our staff of expertly trained Licensed Massage Therapists and Spa Technicians are committed to helping you reach your wellness goals. Our focus is on simultaneous pain and stress management with a modern approach to the ancient art of Massage Therapy.

We take appointments from 9am-9pm seven days a week with reception hours of noon-4pm Tuesday-Friday. 512-289-0219

New for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day:

Fit to be Queen Spa  Package includes:

Skin-softening full body, body scrub & one hour massage! Body scrubs are renowned for eliminating dry, dead skin, but did you know our body scrubs can tighten, brighten, and clean the skin so deeply you’ll want to make them a regular part of your whole body skin care regimen!?! Choose from spiced citrus, coffee, mint, or charcoal body scrubs.
120 minutes. $125

Get it as a Gift Card Here!

King & Queen of the Spa Couples Spa Package includes:

Your choice of delectable body scrubs -spiced citrus, mint, coffee, and charcoal-, a table top steam treatment, and a one hour couples massage with our incredibly talented Licensed Massage Therapists. Together, you’ll enjoy over 4.5 hours of spa services!

Regularly $310, on sale for $258 through Father’s Day!

Book Online Here!

Get it as a Gift Card Here!

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