I have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center location after 9 years in business.

It seems we have found ourselves in a world where touch is no longer a healing act, but a potential threat -to not only ourselves but everyone we share space with. I had hopes to reopen after social distancing had effectively “flattened the curve”, but I believe it will be much longer before I will be able to return to this work I love so much. I am not confident in my ability to secure quality protective equipment and sanitation products at this time.  I would estimate that half of my clients are medically vulnerable to the extreme effects of this virus and I could never live with myself if my reopening too soon exposed them unnecessarily. And as for me, personally, I am a single mother to two young kids who have both had a history of respiratory issues. I will be one of the last lionesses to poke her head out of this den to keep them safe.

When the time is right, and it is undeniably safe to get back to work, I will resume offering massage therapy services in Marble Falls (and also in Lakeway and San Antonio) as a mobile/guest therapist. If you would like to be notified when I resume massage and sauna treatments, please drop your contact information below:

It has been my proudest honor to be a small business owner in such a thriving small town. I am so deeply thankful for the friendships I have made during this journey and the lessons that simply could not have been taught any other way.

-Donna Kopf, LMT