Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center
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Why Get A Massage?

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Warm Scalp Massage

RegularOl Deep Tissue Massage

Our introductory service for everyday aches and pains. If you are new to the restorative power of Massage Therapy this is the perfect place to start! Choose a length of appointment based on how many focus areas you’d like to work on. 30 minutes is ideal for half the body (such as the upper body ie neck and shoulders). 60 minutes is ideal for a full body with no particular focus area. And 90 minutes is perfect for a full body massage with extra time for problem areas that need extra attention.
30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $110
9B792818-A358-4D8B-8BC5-4EC34BFC3288Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage 

Ashiatsu massage for improved mobility and relief of muscle and joint pain. Our Deeper Than Deep service applies comfortable, but heavy, pressure to your most stubborn knots and incorporates range of motion stretching to fully loosen every major muscle group.
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $120

Cupping Therapy

This ancient practice of using glass cups to draw up the skin and underlying tissues has had a modern day revival thanks to Olympic athletes sporting their circular “hickeys”. The marks left behind from a Cupping session are not bruises. They are evidence of the stagnant blood and lymph that were being targeted during your session. Clients report improved immune function, better circulation, faster recovery from injury (hence why athletes love it), and even deep relaxation. This service can be scheduled as a stand alone service or in combination with a massage service for enhanced results. Other uses for cupping include breaking down adhesions and scar tissue as well as body contouring which require several treatments but are a less invasive alternative to surgery.
15 minute “Mini” Cupping: $25
30 minute “Full” Cupping: $50

496FC1B7-F2F2-429D-A16D-73C119B54045Mini Medical Massage

Lightning fast results for those with one nagging problem area. Medical massage techniques get in and get it done for our busy clients who don’t have time for pain. Results include improved posture and increased mobility with less pain.
15 minutes: $25

Award Winning Spa Services

I’d like to thank all of our amazing clients who have ever taken the time to leave us a 5 star review of their experience at the MFMTC or voted for us in the Local’s Love Us Contest. We have been blessed with either a Best Massage Therapist or Best Spa win every year since 2012. TripAdvisor rated us a Top 3 Spa in the state of Texas for several years in a row thanks to your reviews! It is truly an honor to serve this community.