Mobile Massage Services: FAQ

Don’t you sometimes wish you could ring a magic bell and a Massage Therapist would pop up and give you a massage anytime you wanted?

Well, science hasn’t perfected the magic massage bell just yet, however you do have a magic button on your phone! Yes, with one simple phone call, one of our expertly trained Licensed Massage Therapists could be on their way to your home or office in a flash!


Here’s What You Need To Know About Our Outcall Services

Q. How Far In Advance Should I Make My Appointment?
A. Although same-day appointments are often available, if you are on a tight schedule the earlier you make your appointment the more appointment times you’ll have to choose from. We do tend to book up in advance around Valentine’s Day and Spring Break.

Q. How Do I Make An Appointment For An Outcall Massage?
A. Outcall appointments must be made over the phone. Our online scheduler, which makes scheduling an appointment in our office super convenient, is not set up to accept outcall appointments at this time. For Reservations, please call 512-289-0219.

Q. What Services Are Available For An Outcall Appointment?
A. We offer 6 of our 8 Revitalizing Massage Therapies  as outcall services (Signature Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal/Postnatal, Sports, Geriatric, and Reflexology).

Q. What Does An Outcall Appointment Cost?
A. We charge a flat $10 Outcall Upgrade Fee to our regular menu prices for travel within Marble Falls. For example, a 60 minute Signature Swedish Massage is $65 in our office, but as an Outcall Service the same massage is just $75.  Members with pre-paid credits are only charged the $10 Outcall Upgrade Fee at the time of service. For travel outside of Marble Falls, we charge an additional $0.50 per mile. Please have the address of the outcall handy when you call to make your appointment.

Q. Can I Pay With a Credit Card?
A. You will be asked to reserve the appointment with a credit card at the time of scheduling. We currently accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. If you wish to use the same card for payment, your therapist can process the transaction from their cell phone and send you a digital receipt. Other forms of accepted payment include cash and personal checks.

Q. What Is Included In An Outcall Massage?
A. Everything you see in our office can be set up in your home. We bring our portable, heated massage tables, fresh linens, relaxing music, and aromatic massage oils (or non-aromatic if that is your preference).

Q. How Far Do You Travel For Outcall Appointments?
A. We currently travel to homes and offices in Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Cottonwood Shores, Sunrise Beach, Kingsland, Granite Shoals, and Burnet.

Q. How Long Does An Outcall Session Take To Set Up/Break Down?
A. Because we have been doing outcall sessions for so many years, we have got this set up/break down thing down to a science! A single therapist can be ready in as little as 5 minutes once the treatment area is selected. Two or three therapists (for larger groups) can be ready in as little as 15 minutes. After your massage, our team will have everything packed up just as quickly.

Q. Speaking of Groups . . . How Does That Work?
A. We love, love, love bringing the Spa to groups in the area! Reunions, bachellorette parties, or just because! Before calling Reservations, it is best to determine the number of people in your group that would like to get a massage and whether each person would like a 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute session. Please advise everyone in your group of our Cancellation Policy.

Q. I Wonder If I Have Enough Space To Have a Massage In My Home…
A. Chances are you do! We’ve set up our tables in living rooms, spare bedrooms, and patios of all shapes and sizes across the Hill Country. If we have to rearrange any furniture during set up, everything will be like returned before we leave.

Q. What Should I Do To Prepare My Home For an Outcall Massage?
A. Very little! We provide all the equipment and all the set up. For the most relaxing experience, we recommend making arrangements to limit distractions, such as pets and children, during the time of your session.

Q. What Am I Waiting For? This Sounds Awesome!
A. We have no idea what you are waiting for. It is totally awesome. Call Reservations at 512-289-0219 ASAP! 🙂


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