What is Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical Massage Therapy is different from your typical spa massage session. We do not schedule your session by the hour, but rather by the number of focus areas you have that day. The goal of the session is to dramatically reduce tension and pressure throughout the body by addressing the excessively tight musculature that is pulling your body out of alignment and causing unnecessary strain.

Digital Posture Analysis 

Our office uses a program to map your postural alignment  before and after each medical massage therapy session. The program precisely calculates your current posture’s effect on your neck and shoulder tension. It is our goal to eliminate 50-100% of the excess tension with each session.

Frequency of Treatments

If you are recovering from an acute injury we encourage clients to come in twice a week until their pain is no longer affecting their daily life. For chronic conditions our clients have varied results. For some a monthly treatment keeps them pain free and for others weekly treatments are the way to go. We have no requirements in place for our clients. Schedule as your pain and mobility levels demand.

How Do I Schedule?

For your initial visit, please schedule online using the button above and the Medical Massage Therapy option at the end of the service list. During your initial visit we will have a brief consultation and examination and treat your most pressing focus area. Together, we will develop a treatment plan and schedule your follow up visits to include as many focus areas as necessary. Each focus area is $25 per session.

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