Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center
903 2nd St. Marble Falls, TX 78654

Why Get A Massage?


our three basic styles of massage

The Quick Fix
Suffering from a migraine, neck or back pain, sciatica, muscle cramps, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other isolated flare up of pain? Our Quick Fix is designed to relieve these and many other common soft tissue conditions using medical massage techniques.
25 minutes $40

The Best Deep Tissue Massage Ever
Our most popular massage and for good reason! Our one hour Best Deep Tissue Massage Ever combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, Deeper Than Deep Tissue, and Medical massage techniques customized to your body’s needs the day of your appointment. You will feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle the day after this service.
The Best Deep Tissue Massage Ever- Extended Edition
We recommend only booking this service on a day when you have absolutely nothing to do afterwards. No heavy lifting, no critical thinking, no math. This extended Best Deep Tissue Massage Ever service is a bit of a body and mind melt. Long time clients who swear by this service often tip us with precious gems and priceless family heirlooms… We are kidding of course. But seriously. If you want a really good massage that will melt your tight muscles and turn your overworked brain to mute for awhile- this is the one.

Award Winning Spa Services

I’d like to thank all of our amazing clients who have ever taken the time to leave us a 5 star review of their experience at the MFMTC or voted for us in the Local’s Love Us Contest. We have been blessed with either a Best Massage Therapist or Best Spa win every year since 2012. TripAdvisor rated us a Top 3 Spa in the state of Texas for several years in a row thanks to your reviews! It is truly an honor to serve this community.