Save $10 on all 60 and 90 minute massage services at the Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center with our monthly membership program!

Our membership programs are easy to join and easy to pause. Just call 512-289-0219 and speak with one of our staff members.

What is the cost of the monthly membership program?
You will be billed $65 at the beginning of the next calendar month. This will pre-pay you a one hour massage credit with any of our 7 Licensed Massage Therapists during the month.

What else can I use my discount on?
You also save $10 on additional 60 and 90 minute massage services for yourself and your friends and family that come with you. Members also save $10 on all gift card purchases for 60 and 90 minute massage services.

What if I don’t make it in that month?
Your credits will roll forward without penalty.

What if I don’t make it in for several months in a row?
We understand life happens and often the busier you are the more you actually need the massages you’re missing. We won’t let you get too far behind. Our office will automatically pause the billing of accounts with 3 credits on file until you can get caught back up.

What happens to my credits when I cancel my membership?
You’ll get every unredeemed massage credit you’ve prepaid for back on a gift card. We do not do cash refunds.