REVITALIZING MASSAGE THERAPIES                                                         Book Online
30 minutes: $40, 60 minutes: $75, 90 minutes: $110 unless otherwise stated.

Signature Swedish Massage
Our Signature Massage uses warmed oil and a series of long, smooth strokes to enhance bodily function and promote general relaxation and total well-being. Eliminate stress from your mind. Free yourself with a professional Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
While the name can be misleading, this form of massage is more about precision than pressure. Deep Tissue targets the deeper layers of musculature within the body and quickly works to break down muscular adhesions. It is not uncommon to experience an exercise-like soreness after receiving a Deep Tissue massage. This form of massage is popular among clients seeking relief from neck stiffness and low back pain.

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
Massage during (or following) pregnancy not only pampers Mom-to-be, it also offers undeniable physical benefits like relieving physical discomfort and enhancing sleep quality. Studies show that regular massage during the third trimester may even make for a smoother delivery with less complications.

Sports Massage
Athletes benefit from Sports massage at every stage of competition. Pre-event, post-event, during training, and to expedite rehabilitation after an injury. Improve range of motion, relieve physical discomforts, and reduce the risk of injury with regular massage treatments designed to fine tune your most priceless piece of equipment- you!

Geriatric Massage: 30 minute sessions only
A gentle form of massage designed to relieve pain and discomfort associated with advanced age. Geriatric massage clients typically suffer from arthritis and poor blood circulation prior to seeking massage treatments. Some clients have reported regular massage even improves their mood and helps to alleviate anxiety.

Ancient Reflexology has roots in ancient Egypt, China, and Japan.  Modern Reflexology is associated with European & Russian researchers who finalized the reflexology maps we use today. A Reflexology session utilizes a systematic application of pressure to reflex zones found on all sides of the feet. Reflex points are also found on the hands and ears.

Body Buff: 60 minute treatment $50
For soft, smooth skin there is nothing better! Shed that dry, dead skin to reveal the vibrant you beneath! This service is very relaxing as a stand alone service and even more so when you add a body buff before or after a Signature massage. Current scrubs available include charcoal, coffee, apricot, mint, blackberry, Dead Sea mineral, and orange blossom. Service time includes 15 minute shower.

Hot Stone Massage60 minute session $80
Heated stones replace the Massage Therapist’s hands adding warmth to melt away stubborn knots.

Tandem Massage: 30 minute session $80, 60 minute session $150, 90 minute session $220
The most opulent massage on Earth. Sometimes synchronized, sometimes complimenting each other, but always in tune, Tandem Massage features two advanced massage therapists working together to thoroughly address the most troublesome knots.



COUPLES MASSAGE RETREATS                                                         Book Online

Any two Revitalizing Massage Therapies  can be performed in a shared Couples Massage Room. Great for couples, sisters, or friends who want to unwind together.

Check out our new Candlelit Anniversary Packages, too!



SPA PACKAGES                                        Book Online (select the Package button on the next screen)

Aromatic Scalp + Swedish Massage   75 min.   $100
This heavenly treatment gives you a nourished scalp and healthy, shiny hair. Experience this deeply relaxing scalp massage with your choice of Aromatherapy Oils. Tea Tree for Dandruff Control, Rosemary for Mental Clarity, Geranium for Balance, Lavender to Soothe Itchy Scalps, Peppermint to Cool and Stimulate. Added to a 60 minute Swedish Massage, this stellar combination will have you floating on cloud 9!

Swedish Massage + Cucumber Face Masque   90 min.   $105
Harness the cooling power of alpha-hydroxy acids found naturally in the cucumber plant. You will love the dewy-fresh skin that is revealed after this refreshing treatment.

Steam Canopy + Swedish Massage   90 min.   $105 
A therapeutic steam with revitalizing dry brushing techniques. Our steam canopy does more than melt away knots and stress. Click on a benefit below to learn more.





*Not for our prenatal clients.
*Not for clients with High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, or other cardiovascular problems.
*Not for clients who are sick or otherwise medically frail.
*Not for clients under the influence of alcohol.



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