New Lower Prices!!

Licensed Massage Therapist Rates:
30 minutes: $35
60 minutes: $70*
90 minutes: $100

Every Friday, enjoy our one hour massage for just $50! It’s $50 Friday’s at the MFMTC!


Signature Swedish Massage for Stress Reduction
Our Signature Massage uses warmed oil and a series of long, smooth strokes to enhance bodily function and promote general relaxation and total well-being. Eliminate stress from your mind. Free yourself with a professional Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage for Pain Relief
While the name can be misleading, this form of massage is more about precision than pressure. Deep Tissue targets the deeper layers of musculature within the body and quickly works to break down muscular adhesions. It is not uncommon to experience an exercise-like soreness after receiving a Deep Tissue massage. This form of massage is popular among clients seeking relief from neck stiffness and low back pain.

DEEPER Than Deep Tissue Massage
Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage is a deeply relaxing form of massage therapy where the therapist uses her feet to deliver a mix of compression and large, smooth gliding techniques. By supporting themselves with overhead bars, the therapist can provide as little or as much pressure as the client prefers. This makes for an excellent service for clients seeking the deepest pressure possible. *This service is NOT available for clients with any of the following conditions: pregnancy, recent implants (within 9 months), varicose veins, tuberculosis, thrombosis, aneurysm, kidney disorders, recent bowel or hernia surgery, active phlebitis, cellulitis, or lupus, uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart condition, pacemaker, stints, or shunts, fractured ribs, osetoporosis, or if you take Coumadin, Lovenox, Heparin, or heavy aspirin. Please call 512-289-0219 to schedule a Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage.

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
Massage during (or following) pregnancy not only pampers Mom-to-be, it also offers undeniable physical benefits like relieving physical discomfort and enhancing sleep quality. Studies show that regular massage during the third trimester may even make for a smoother delivery with less complications.

Ancient Reflexology has roots in ancient Egypt, China, and Japan.  Modern Reflexology is associated with European & Russian researchers who finalized the reflexology maps we use today. A Reflexology session utilizes a systematic application of pressure to reflex zones found on all sides of the feet. Reflex points are also found on the hands and ears.

Any two Massage Therapies can be performed in a shared couples massage room. Mix and match your desired services, so long as the total duration of the services for each person is the same. Great for couples, sisters, or friends who want to unwind together.

Add a Romantic Anniversary Upgrade +$20
Whether you’ve been dating a month or married for 50 years, the Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center is the perfect place to celebrate your next anniversary!  All Anniversary Upgrades include a small fruit tray, two glasses of champagne, and a trail of rose petals to a candlelit couples massage treatment room – a sight that is sure to set the tone for one memorable milestone celebration!

*Please call 512-289-0219 when you are ready to reserve a couples service.




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