Applied Pressure Techniques

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Ancient Reflexology has roots in ancient Egypt, China, and Japan.  Modern Reflexology is associated with European & Russian researchers who finalized the reflexology maps we use today. A Reflexology session utilizes a systematic application of pressure to reflex zones found on all sides of the feet. Reflex points are also found on the hands and ears.
30 minutes: $30, 60 minutes: $75

Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage, or “lazy mans yoga”, is performed over loose clothing. Your muscles will be compressed, stretched, rocked, and loosened in this very relaxing floor-based massage modality. Please book at least 24 hours in advance to ensure all necessary equipment is available.
30 minutes: $45, 60 minutes: $80

Add Acupressure ‘Magic Beans’ +$5
Application of adhesive vaccaria seeds on specific acupressure points in and around the ear to address a variety of conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, aches and pain within the body, and help losing weight or stopping smoking.

(Reflexology) Add on a Sole-Soothing Foot Scrub +$15
Scrub away dry, thick skin and reveal baby soft feet! Perfect add on spa service for this summer sandal weather.

(Reflexology) Add on Sacred Steam Foot Bath +$10
Soothe and soak tired feet in an aromatic foot bath prior to your next Reflexology session. Choose from a wide variety of fragrant Fizi bath bombs to enhance this popular service.

(Reflexology) Add on Paraffin Foot Bath +$10
Paraffin wax locks in moisture to leave feet soft and supple. Add to a Reflexology session for the ultimate, relaxing Feet Treat.

Add an Aromatic Scalp Massage +$20
This heavenly treatment gives you a nourished scalp and healthy, shiny hair. Experience this deeply relaxing scalp massage with your choice of Aromatherapy Oils. Tea Tree for Dandruff Control, Rosemary for Mental Clarity, Geranium for Balance, Lavender to Soothe Itchy Scalps, Peppermint to Cool and Stimulate. Added to a 60 minute Swedish Massage, this stellar combination will have you floating on cloud 9!